take31 open :

Take31 was founded in December of 2011, with the hopes of breaking what has become the standard of Korean restaurant and creating a casual-chic Korean dining that appeals to Korean internationals as well as New York locals as a place to wind down. Taking traditional Korean recipes and adding a modern street-food inspired twist, we have developed our own unique flavor in our dishes that are satisfying to both Korean food aficionados and novices.


cup&cup open :

Café with third wave of coffee and asian cuisine inspired lunch menus from scratch cooking.

izakaya mew open :

In July of 2013, Izakaya MEW opened in the bustling neighborhood of midtown Manhattan as first establishment to combine the flavors of traditional Japanese cuisine with the dynamic trends of New York's food culture.


Her name is han open :

With a growing number of Korean-Americans and Korean internationals working and studying in the city, we wanted to create a place where these busy dwellers of New York can find the perfect home-cooked meal, prepared with the goal of bringing about the flavors of their mothers' cooking.


atoboy open :

HAND Hospitality's first collaboration work with a Chef.

cho dang gol take over :

Homemade tofu specialty Korean restaurant since 1997, taken over with renewal consulting.


atoMIX open :

HAND Hospitality's second collaboration work with a Chef.


Japanese grill cuisine.